Dealing with meat-eaters..?

Answer It's better to be criticized than to be ignored. Once they acknowledge it and give any attention to it with their minds, those ideas are swirling around inside their head whether they like it or ... Read More »

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What is it with the meat eaters attacking?

I wish I knew... My personal theory is that they somehow feel threatened by the veggie'/vegan conversations and that we somehow see ourselves superior to them - hence they feel the need to protect ... Read More »

Why do Meat eaters think that meat is 'healthy' and has 'many health benefits'?

I’m a vegetarian (because of they way animals are treated.) Please read my whole answer before ranking it. (Please don't thumbs down it for being long)Meat eaters eat meat because...It is a good ... Read More »

Am I the only one amused that meat eaters think we need to eat meat because of "canine teeth"?

Agreed. I think it is silly that people look to those biological things at all to make a decision.I see it like this: If I can lead a healthy life that does not include the pain, suffering, mutila... Read More »

Meat eaters say we're meant to eat meat - it says so in the bible?

Of course it's a stupid thing to say. Personally, I would ignore it.. but if you want, you can tell him/her that you're not the one believing in Bronze Age fairy tales..Hmmm.. Christians are so del... Read More »