Dealing with conflict in a difficult situation in a childcare?

Answer If a staff member treated me unfairly, I would confront that individual but I don't expect favorable results. By confronting that person, I am affording him/her the opportunity to fix the problem o... Read More »

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Tips on Dealing With Workplace Conflict?

Workplaces can be stressful environments, and conflicts between workers are bound to occur sooner or later. As a manager, you bear the responsibility of looking for signs of conflict and resolving ... Read More »

Classroom Management for Dealing With Difficult Behaviors?

Bad behavior in the classroom can affect the grades of students. This is true not only of the student behaving badly, but also of students who are affected by the class disruption. Whether this is ... Read More »

How to Defuse a Situation With a Difficult Customer?

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How is dealing with confidentiality important when dealing with child abuse?

Confidentiality is crucial when it comes to dealing with child abuse for many reasons: Most parents will pursue the matter in a court of law. The lawyer prefers to keep all matters confidential (Co... Read More »