Dead Magnolia Tree Ideas?

Answer Fungal disease, leaf blight and scale insects can cause your magnolia to die prematurely. Other possible causes of death include planting the tree near a black walnut, accidently damaging the bark ... Read More »

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How old is the magnolia tree?

The magnolia tree is millions of years old. Magnolia fossils have been found that date back 36 million to 58 million years. They have been widely used in Asia and the Americas. In 1688, magnolia tr... Read More »

Where did the magnolia tree come from?

According to the United States National Arboretum, about 80 species of magnolia trees originate from the eastern United States and southeast Asia. Of those 80 species, eight are indigenous to the U... Read More »

What is the scientific name for a magnolia tree?

The scientific name for a magnolia tree is Magnolia grandiflora. The species belongs to the genus Magnolia, the family Magnoliaceae and the order Magnoliales within the Kingdom Plantae. These desig... Read More »

When do I cut back a magnolia tree?

The best time to prune a magnolia tree is after it has bloomed in the early summer. Magnolias do not always respond well to pruning because the wounds created during pruning do not heal easily, so ... Read More »