Dazzle White Scam plz comment?

Answer I signed up for the free trial. One day later I called ot have the trial canceled and the $59 in held funds released. They refused, citing automated systems that would not allow it.I called my ba... Read More »

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Can you make a facebook comment visible only to the person tagged in the comment?

On youtube, why does it say comment pending approval everytime i comment?

because the video poster restricted comments until he allows them...he will eventually read ur comment and if he likes it...he will allow it to be displayed

How do I use Dazzle Video?

InstallationInsert the Dazzle Video Creator installation CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive, and follow the setup instructions. Attach the Dazzle USB 2.0 connector into the USB port of your compu... Read More »

Can i record my dazzle in HD?