Daycare/perschool help with nameing and some other stuff ?

Answer Also, check and see if your state offers a food program. That would help bring down your overhead costs. As far as tuition goes, make sure you give a discount to parents with more than one child. W... Read More »

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Few quick problems with Substitution and some other stuff?

X/8You are able to do anything if you try. Mental block? Get a tutor.

I just got some cool stuff at the Asian food market, can anyone help with some good (relatively easy) recipes?

I would suggest a soup using miso, some of the seaweed pieces and tofu chunks. Of course you would need miso soup stuff. Otherwise you might be able to get away with vegetable broth (canned or ho... Read More »

I need help with clutter control, especially of 'other peoples/dead relatives stuff that I ended up with.?

National Geographics from the 1960's are worth nothing:…I would ask your local library if they want them to complete their collection -- if not, recycle th... Read More »