Daycare provider has very disrespectful child...PLEASE HELP!?

Answer Try positive reinforcement. Meaning instead of time out which is not working. Tell him this behavior is not acceptable and have him tell you why it's not. Then ask him how he could express his f... Read More »

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Are you able to help My little sister is 13 very disrespectful sticking her finger up threatening suicide violence and constantly causes trouble for fun any advice on how to stop her attitude?

How to Become a Certified Daycare Provider?

For someone who absolutely loves kids, being a certified daycare provider would not even feel like a job. However, the process of becoming certified can take some time and varies from state to stat... Read More »

How to Claim When You Are a Daycare Provider?

Daycare providers have various deductions they can claim on their taxes. Many of these deductions may be missed, and should be itemized separately in order to take the full amount of the deductions... Read More »

How Much Should a Home Daycare Provider Charge?

If your Everex notebook won't turn on, there could be a number of reasons that you can troubleshoot for and attempt to self-repair. Issues can vary from cable connection errors, to battery deterior... Read More »