Day 3 After my "simple" tooth extraction blood clot shrinking fast!?

Answer It is fine and the changes you are seeing are normal healing taking place.Dry socket is unimaginable pain and a taste so foul you never forget it.Smoking is the real unknown factor though. It is pr... Read More »

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Would you know if the blood clot fell out after a tooth extraction?

Did the Dentist give you stitches in your upper molar? Or did he just pull it out under general anesthesia, with gauze to bite down upon to stop the bleeding?

Does the blood clot dissolve after tooth extraction?

Usually they are slowly dissolved and resorbed by the body in the weeks following the extraction as the surgical site is healing. Smoking, swishing water, or sucking on a straw immediately after an... Read More »

Tooth extraction, is my clot ok ?

with it being black to me it sounds infected but i could be wrong im not a dentist.

After extractions today, I have a blood clot clinging to my tooth - should I worry?

That is common. Just leave it alone. Do not pick at it. It is part of the healing.