Day 1...No Smoking...should I feel worse?

Answer Hi , thanks for taking the time out to answer some of my questions so I'm returning the favor. I smoked for 7 years. I decided to go the cold turkey route. The first few days for me I didn’t feel... Read More »

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Do you/Did you feel worse as each month went by...?

Hey girl! When I was trying to conceive Haley I got very discouraged because I started tracking my cycle as soon as I went off the pill. The first month was a long cycle, but it was my normal cycle... Read More »

Im sick, why do I feel way worse right when I wake up?

What ur saying corresponds with poison.i don't know your symptoms but whose taking care of you,the food your eating or , pills your taking could be something to think about. Either way you need to ... Read More »

Does alcohol cure a hangover or will it make you feel worse?

Why is it that when you have a cold/flu etc., you always seem to feel worse in the evening?

I have been sick going on three weeks, the past two days I have thrown up more than 23 times, and have gone to the bathroom so much im almost positive I have been poisoned. I have had a fever for t... Read More »