Daughter has toothache with severe jaw pain?

Answer 36 hours???? She's coped with it for that long??She really needs to get to a dentist asap. I just hope she's registered because you'll be pushed to find a dentist nowadays who takes on NHS patients... Read More »

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There's a guy in my office with a toothache and no pain killers on hand?

Anyone in the office wearing stilettos? Slam it into his foot, and his tooth will stop hurting.

Really severe toothache!! Help?

that's horrible! please try to see another dentist if you can about your tooth!! if it's coming from your gums and feels like a ball coming out of your gum, it sounds close enough to me like a cyst... Read More »

Home remedies for severe toothache?

Ring you dentist again and explain it's an emergency because you're in so much pain. Most dentists will squeeze in an emergency.

Hi i have a painfull toothache,help with anything to take for the pain please?

you could get some clove oil, or if you cant get to the shops now take paracetamol