Daughter conplaining of tummy pains for 2 days but now crying in pain?

Answer I am sure she will be ok if your husband has taken her to the hospital dont worry she is in the best possible place.

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HELP: My 18 y.o. daughter injured her foot & is crying in pain! What could this be How to relieve pain?

I don't know if in America you have emergency rooms (I'm sure you do), just find the nearest one and drive there. I'm pretty sure they're always open and ready to take people in. If you're not sure... Read More »

What would cause a 10-year-old to have sharp needle-type pains all over the back for the last 2 years or so and lasting a couple of days before going away for a few days or weeks and then returning?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

I have had a tore up tummy fore 5 days?

Sis you may have a virus. It will have to wear itself out. Drink lots of water, and eat soup, jello, pudding. Solid food will only upset your tummy more. If it gets worse or doesn't improve, t... Read More »

My daughter is getting braces tomorrow is very scared! She's crying and not wanting to go. Does it hurt?

Usually, the only bad part is the spacers. Or all the extra stuff they can put in with your braces. The Braces themselves never really hurt very badly. I was able to eat and everything- It never hu... Read More »