Date of last menstrual period?

Answer Date of your last withdrawal bleeding. Doctors tend to call withdrawal bleedings periods, because not all patients know that there is a difference and they want to keep things simple.If you want to... Read More »

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You are 29 year old would like to have a baby girl last menstrual period is January 18 2008 YOU ARE PLANNING TO CONCEIVE?

Do you count your menstrual cycle from the last day of your period or the first day?

On One Hand: The First Day is the Start of Your CycleMenstrual cycles vary from woman to woman and can range from 24 to 37 days. Your menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period. This is... Read More »

Menstrual cramps but not on period?

Hey there! I normally get that feeling about a week two weeks before my period begins. It can also be the fact that you may be ovulating. I don't think you have much to worry about. Unless you noti... Read More »

You had your period for 2 weeks during the past two months now your breasts are leaking and very tender and you have only had sex last week since your last period is it possible that you are pregnant?