Date of last menstrual period?

Answer Date of your last withdrawal bleeding. Doctors tend to call withdrawal bleedings periods, because not all patients know that there is a difference and they want to keep things simple.If you want to... Read More »

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At what age did you have your first menstrual period?

I got my first period at 12, a few months before I turned 13.And don't feel weird because every girl's body is different just like every girl is different.Also, it's better if your period comes lat... Read More »

What does a one-day menstrual period mean?

Would you have sex on your menstrual period......?

I do but not when its a heavy flow, too much of a mess. My friend always told me just put a towel underneath you and me and my boyfriend always take showers after. In my opinion I think in feels be... Read More »

Menstrual cramps but not on period?

Hey there! I normally get that feeling about a week two weeks before my period begins. It can also be the fact that you may be ovulating. I don't think you have much to worry about. Unless you noti... Read More »