Database Life Cycle Stages?

Answer Database is any software package created and implemented for managing data files in an organized and digital format. The purpose of any database software is to effectively manage and handle large s... Read More »

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The Four Stages of the Life Cycle of an Animal?

Birth, growth, reproduction and death are the four stages of the life cycle of all animals. Although common to all animals, such stages happen in different ways in distinct animal species. For inst... Read More »

Four Stages in the Life Cycle of a Fruit Fly?

A fruit fly's life cycle is a process of metamorphosis; it changes from an immature form to an adult form in stages. During the fruit fly's life cycle, which lasts approximately 12 to 14 days, the ... Read More »

Stages of a Pea Plant Life Cycle?

Pea plants are annuals, meaning that they complete their life cycle, from germination to the formation of new seeds, within one year. They are part of the legume family, or scientifically speaking... Read More »

The Stages of Family Life Cycle Marketing?

Marketers adopt different strategies in order to sell products to various groups of consumers. One such strategy is family life cycle marketing. People advance through a family life cycle over the ... Read More »