Dark help mold grow faster?

Answer not directly but light contains UV which inhibits mold growth

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Does mold grow faster in light or dark?

Mold grows faster in the dark than it does in the light. This is because bright light such as sunshine tends to dry out the moisture that it needs to grow.Source:MadSci Library: Why mold grows fast... Read More »

Will mold grow faster on wheat or on Italian bread?

How fast mold grows on bread depends on several factors, with water content being the biggest one. The higher the water content, the faster the bread will mold. Most wheat breads have a higher wate... Read More »

Why do plants grow faster in dark soil?

Because dark soil contains a higher concentration of Organic Matter. Also, because dark soil is when there is a bunch of water in it. The water soaks the Soil.

Do plants grow faster in light or dark?

Plants require light for photosynthesis, so it is impossible for plants to increase in dry biomass without any light.From a pure growth standpoint, then, plants in the dark do not grow more than pl... Read More »