Dark hair roots and shaving?

Answer um well shaving doesn't really help cuz u can still see the roots and when it grows back its like thicker. i think waxing would work better. at least thats what works for girls

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Dark roots and light hair?

You would definately have to bleeach your hair there is no other way.if you are cared of further damaging your hair, there are scalp treatments, extreme conditioners that you can use. Moroccan oil ... Read More »

How to Hide Dark Roots?

It isn't always convenient or within budget to make a trip to the salon to have your dark roots colored. The question then becomes how to disguise and hide these hairs until you can have them dyed.... Read More »

Why do potatoes grow roots in the dark?

the potatoes think they are underground and start growing to reach the light.

How to Blend Dark Roots After Highlights?

Highlighted hair is lighter than your natural hair color. As your hair starts to grow out, the roots of your naturally darker hair will be noticeable. In between your hair lightening appointments... Read More »