Dark blue veins after blood test?

Answer No! This sounds quite normal to me.

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Are dark blue veins on your breasts a sign of pregnancy?

AnswerIf you know you are pregnant and have dark blue veins that is quite normal.If that is the only sign you have, you may not be pregnant as it is just a sign of increased blood flow, this could ... Read More »

Are dark blue veins in your boobs a sign of being pregnant?

AnswerIf this is something new for you, then possibly. Look up Two Week Wait symptoms for better answer. The best thing, is to get a blood/urine test to find out for sure.

Will veins look the same after donating blood?

Giving blood won't change your veinsIt is probably a bit of swelling or something

I had a pregnancy test at drz office about 7 months ago it came up posetive almost instantly so then he took a blood test str8 after got my results next day was a negative why?

you most likely had a miscarriage meaning your hgc levels(hormones that only come from being pregnant) were high enough to get a positive pregnancy test. however if you have a blood test done and t... Read More »