Dark blonde hair with old light blonde streaks, or color darker over it all?

Answer Blonde with light blonde streaks. As we get older, we have to go lighter and shorter. I have always had long or medium length dark brown hair but I went short with hightlights last month and, my Go... Read More »

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I got my hair darker. Do you think it looked better blonde or the color it is now?

I like your hair dark better, and you are definitely NOT ugly (minus the braces and tie-dye shirt). You have beautiful eyes.

How to Change Hair Color from Blonde to Darker?

Dyeing your hair from blonde to a darker color at home is a daunting task as it affects your outer appearance and so many things can go wrong. If the wrong color is chosen, there is no telling what... Read More »

How to Color Hair From Dark to Blonde?

Many women with dark hair long to make their hair blonde. However, you can dye your hair as many times as you want with a blonde hair dye but it won't work. In order to lighten dark hair to blonde,... Read More »

Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas?

There are many different shades that are considered dark blonde. If you are a brunette and you've always wanted blonde hair, dark blonde may be the way to go. If you have light blonde hair and want... Read More »