Dangers of Sulfide Mining?

Answer Sulfide mining is becoming more common today as deposits of pure ore or oxide minerals are becoming rarer. This means mining companies have to start extracting materials, such as copper sulphide, t... Read More »

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Is hydrogen sulfide a gas?

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, highly flammable and explosive gas that smells like rotten eggs. It is produced as organic matter decays or as a by-product of industrial processes such as road pav... Read More »

How is iron sulfide made?

Iron sulfide is made easily by uniting iron and sulfur. Iron is a metal, whereas sulfur is a non-metal. Since iron has a valence of plus two and sulfur has a valence of minus two, the two elements ... Read More »

How to Make Iron Sulfide?

Making iron sulfide is a great way to show the difference between mixtures and compounds to children. Iron sulfide is a gray or black solid, and is not magnetic. It is different from pyrite, which ... Read More »

Is silver sulfide acidic?

Silver sulfide, an odorless black powder, does not have a pH level and does not affect pH levels of solutions, so it is not acidic. This substance should be stored in a sealed container.References:... Read More »