Dangers of Spray on Tan?

Answer Although costly, airbrush tanning is a popular alternative to sun bathing since it allows the tanner to avoid harmful UV rays. UV rays are harmful, but is it also true that spray tanning is safe? T... Read More »

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Spray Tanning Dangers?

Spray tan formula is applied to external areas of the body and reacts chemically with the top layer of dead skin by turning it brown, typically for around five to seven days. This is done to give t... Read More »

What are the dangers of spray foam insulation?

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is a good solution for many homeowners who need to replace older insulation. However, there are health risks and environmental problems associated with this kind ... Read More »

How do i get rid of black (sugar) ants i have had an exterminater spray the house and i bought some ant spray?

I use Terro. It is a clear liquid that comes in a small bottle. At first it will attract more ants,but then they take it back to their home and shortly--no more ants. Good luck to you.

Would AXE body spray make a good feminine deoderant spray?

Considering most of the guys that use it are p*ssies or douche bags, yeah, I'd think so.