Dangers of Espresso Machines?

Answer Espresso is the thinking man's coffee beverage -- just a little more sophisticated than your standard cup of coffee. The machines used to create this small dark cup of java are designed for both ho... Read More »

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Can espresso machines be run on gas fuel?

Several models of gas-powered espresso machines are available including the Fracino, Pompei and La Pavoni lines. Depending on the specific model, these machines can run on either propane, butane,... Read More »

How do I compare espresso machines?

GrinderExamine the espresso machines you are comparing to see if they come with a grinder. A grinder makes the machine more expensive but also allows you to control the diameter of your espresso gr... Read More »

What espresso machines does starbucks use?

Starbucks uses an espresso machine made by an Italian company named Saeco. The particular machine used is the Sienna, which Starbucks brands under its name. The Sienna features a 57 1/2 oz. water t... Read More »

How do I clean espresso machines?

Flushing the MachineWipe off the shower filter of the espresso machine. Place 1/2 tsp. of flushing detergent into the blind filter basket. Fill the water tank. Start the machine and run it for 15 s... Read More »