Dangers With Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream?

Answer Cetaphil moisturizing cream has been on the market for a number of years, it is even recommended by some dermatologists, but new studies involving some of the ingredients have put the safety of Cet... Read More »

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Can i use regular cetaphil moisturizing lotion on my face?

On One Hand: General EffectivenessThis lotion is designed by Cetaphil for sensitive skin, much like the skin on your face. It is also non-comedogenic and non-greasy, meaning it will not clog pores... Read More »

Is Cetaphil cream good for eczema?

On One Hand: Cetaphil Can Reduce ItchingEczema can cause the inflamed skin to become dry and itchy. Cetaphil is a hypoallergenic cream that is designed for sensitive skin. Using it on areas of the ... Read More »

How to Make Moisturizing Cream?

Water is a great moisturizer but it quickly dries. Moisturizing after cleansing traps water into the skin. Continued use of moisturizer will help the skin to stay soft, smooth and prevent wrinkles... Read More »

How to Make a Hand Moisturizing Cream?

This natural hand moisturizing cream helps to moisturize the skin and helps protect the skin from the elements and harsh weather. I suggest using this hand moisturizing cream in replace of your reg... Read More »