Dangerously High Levels of Chlorine in a Pool?

Answer Swimming pool owners that choose to use chlorine as their pool water disinfectant should always treat it with respect. Chlorine is classified as a hazardous material, though it's safe when handled ... Read More »

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Chlorine Levels in Pool Are Too High?

There are a number of issues that can confront the owner of a swimming pool when it comes to her pool. One issue that particularly confounds pool owners has to do with high levels of chlorine in th... Read More »

Can you swim in a pool with high chlorine levels?

Hi this is Bill Soukup with Commercial Pools. It depends on what you consider high chlorine levels to be. Most pools, commercial and residential should run a minimum of 2 PPM to control giardia and... Read More »

How do I decrease chlorine when chlorine is too high in a pool?

Removing Excess Chlorine from PoolWait it out if you don't need the pool for the next couple of days. The chlorine in the pool evaporates and the sunshine hitting it will neutralize some of the exc... Read More »

Chlorine Levels in Pool Water?

Chlorine is a common chemical used in swimming pools to sanitize the water and keep them germ- and algae-free. However, chlorine can be harmful in high doses and even in low doses if regularly expo... Read More »