Dangerous or allgood advice needed :)?

Answer Maybe just a six pack. If you haven't been drinking before you should take it easy. I hope you will be safe and stick with your friends but most of all have fun!

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Advice needed!?

Try contacts, though you will need a seperate prescription for them and it takes time to get used to them. You also need to give your eyes a break now and then by wearing glasses.Laser eye surgery ... Read More »

Anybody, advice needed please?

The symptoms are indicative of Ménière's disease ( Also, maybe a blood sugar issue? Are you eating regularly? Go see another doctor for a second opinion if you ... Read More »

Financial Advice Needed.?

contact your states medical board, they would know of some sort of funding to help you too. even a little helps a lot. one of these scholarships is for $20,000. (the KFC one)...LOAN FORGIVENESS or ... Read More »

How can I keep positive Advice needed please?

wow, your story really touched me. you are a very brave person and i'm so sorry you have had to go through all that.i'm trying to think of any advice i can give you...i was quite ill a few months a... Read More »