Dangerous Animals in the Brazilian Rainforest?

Answer Brazil is home to the world's largest rainforests, many of them within the Amazon. Nearly 30 percent of rainforests are found in Brazil, notes National Geographic. Within the rainforests of Brazil ... Read More »

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Rainforest Animals That Live in the Rainforest Layers?

Four distinct layers comprise the various tropical rainforests around the world, with different creatures lining in each layers. The animals that occur in each layer possess certain sets of traits ... Read More »

Brazilian Rainforest Plants and Climate?

The plants, animals, and climate of the Brazilian rainforest make for a fascinating ecosystem. The rainforest is more than just an interesting compilation of flora and fauna, though. It also serves... Read More »

How to Draw Rainforest Animals?

Don't know how to draw rainforest animals?You just can't? Listen...To me!I'll help you!

A List of Animals in the Rainforest?

Rainforests are a diverse ecosystem that can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Located in tropical regions, the land areas are dense forests that receive large amounts of precipitation... Read More »