Dandelion Ideas for Preschool?

Answer To adults, dandelions that pop up on our front lawns are weeds, but most preschool-aged children find dandelions to be fascinating flowers. Whether you're a parent or an educator of preschool-aged ... Read More »

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Ideas for Preschool in November?

For adults, November brings about memories of Thanksgiving dinners and cornucopias filled with fruit, nuts and gourds of every shape and size. For preschoolers, a lot of these images are still new ... Read More »

Preschool Letter Ideas?

Before children can learn to read and write, they must know the letters of the alphabet backward and forward. It's not enough to simply show preschoolers the letters of the alphabet. They need plen... Read More »

Insect Preschool Ideas?

Engage your preschool students' sense of wonder and discovery with a learning unit on insects. Incorporate bugs and other creepy crawlers into your lesson plans, and offer a variety of different ac... Read More »

Preschool Alphabet Ideas?

Recognizing upper and lowercase letters are important skills for preschoolers to learn. According to the U.S. Department of Education, "Children who enter kindergarten knowing many letter names ten... Read More »