Dance Instructor Training?

Answer Like dancers, dance instructors face much job competition. At the professional level, only the best in the field obtain work, and regular work is even harder to come by. However, there are many ave... Read More »

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Aerobics Instructor vs Pilates Instructor vs Belly Dance Instructor vs Dance Teacher vs Yoga Teacher?

Aerobics instructor probably has more universal application, and might also transfer more easily to other skills.

How to Become a Dance Instructor?

Love to teach? Love to dance? This article will show you how to do both, at the same time!

How to Choose a Dance Instructor?

Whether you are dancing for pleasure or pursuing dance professionally, choosing the right dance instructor can make a difference in your dance progress and enjoyment of dance training. The best dan... Read More »

Pole Dance Instructor Certification?

Pole dancing is one of the hottest fitness trends to emerge in the past decade. It requires skill, grace, balance and creativity. If you are a pole dancing enthusiast and are considering becoming a... Read More »