Dammit! Why is the deep-fried McRib only available in Australia?

Answer Because all the overbearing health-censors in the U.S. won't let us enjoy delicious, fatty food (e.g. McDonald's good ol' fries cooked in animal fat, Super Size value meals, King Size candy bars et... Read More »

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Fried Chicken Fried Fish Fried Pork Chops or Stir Fried Vegetables Which from this list do u like better?

Fish, Pork chops, and veggiees. i outgrew cHICkenmonrin Scooter

Yeah, r there any scholarships available for a trade school or r they unfortnately only available 4 college?

i would think that school would have a list of what is available. maybe could also. you just fill out their questions and submit. they search their databases and email you back with wha... Read More »

How to Make Deep Fried Eggs?

While fried eggs may be your favorite, once you try deep fried eggs, it's possible you'll find them hard to resist. Deep frying the egg results in a caramelized sort of taste with a runny and delic... Read More »

How to Cook Deep Fried Scallops?

Mmmmmm Deep Fried Scallops, so easy, and one of the tastiest ways to make them. You can put them on a bun, and have a sandwich, or eat them for dinner with some couscous and steamed veggies.