Dairy Machines Used to Make Cheese?

Answer Centuries ago people began breeding animals to process milk. This is when people discovered how to make cheese. They would use buckets for gathering the milk and netting to strain the milk after it... Read More »

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What's wrong with me Eating meat, cheese and dairy products is giving me a digestive problem.?

You might have an allergy to either meat or dairy or BOTH. You should do two things. A) Stop eating meat and dairy and see if the digestive problems go away and B) See a doctor if you continue to h... Read More »

Burger with cheese French fries with Cheese Chili with Cheese Or Broccoli with cheese Which from this->?

Broccoli with cheese. Yum!Goodnight Scooter :)

Does extra sharp cheese make a good baked macaroni&cheese?

On One Hand: Tasters Prefer Extra Sharp CheddarIn general, sharp cheddar cheese works for tastier macaroni and cheese, and for any cheese dish--it's a more flavorful cheese. According to a 2002 stu... Read More »

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Whole Wheat Bread and American Cheese?

Do all of your grilled cheese sandwiches turn out bad, burnt, or kids just wont eat them? Follow these steps to make a perfect, delicious sandwich that kids will adore!