Daily Journal Topics for K-8?

Answer Through the use of journaling, elementary and middle school teachers can give their students the chance to express themselves and engage in some impromptu and informal writing. To ensure that journ... Read More »

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Daily Journal Writing Topics for 5th Graders?

Journal writing creates an unique opportunity for students to express themselves without feeling the need to focus on formal writing. Since journal writing is more of a personal nature, your fifth ... Read More »

Daily Journal Topics to Write About in English Class?

Journal writing can have many uses. Journals can be an ungraded form of expression for students or a way to measure the progress of their writing on a daily basis. Assignments can be structured or ... Read More »

How to Make a Daily Journal?

It is always good to keep a journal to express your thoughts and feelings.

How Your Daily Journal Writing Can Help Reduce Stress?

People often use writing as a positive outlet for their emotions and ideas, whether it be creative writing, non-fiction or other forms. Journal writing specifically is a tool that can help to relea... Read More »