Dad didn't backup - Lost all Data?

Answer Well, that kind of depends!You didn't tell us what happened!

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How to Get Lost Data Off a Bad Backup Hard Drive?

Hard drive backups are a necessary part of keeping any computer disaster-proof. So it is especially infuriating when it turns out that the backup itself is having problems. Being able to get lost d... Read More »

How to Backup Data?

Backup DataBacking up data regularly helps protect it from being erased if something happens to your computer. You can access a data backup from another computer if your original computer's hard dr... Read More »

How to Backup Your Data on Usenet (Ubackup)?

You can use the usenet to store your backup data online for free. This method is called usenet backup or uBackup. Besides a computer with a (high speed) internet connection you would also need to h... Read More »

How to Backup and Restore Data in MySQL?

Multiple backups should be taken. E.g.One copy on the same computer or locally networked computer that can be used to quickly replace a database that is in use.Another copy in a physically differen... Read More »