DVD player only playing movies in black and white?

Answer The reason you are not getting the full color is that you are using the wrong video cable. You need to get an HDMI cable which carry the video and audio in one cable (check your tv and see if it ha... Read More »

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Why is my dvd player only playing dvds in black and white?

All TV /DVD combos are very unreliable. The DVD player always fails and it sounds as if this is happening to yours. It is perfectly normal for any TV / DVD combo.Take it back to the shop, get a r... Read More »

Do you like Black and white movies?

my favorite movie is in black & white Young Frankenstein

Only black and white picture showing up when using my dvd player?

If your connected to the tv with an hdmi cable, the picture and audio should be great.If your using componet cables, make sure all 5 wires are pushed all the way in and that they match the color of... Read More »

Why does a regular DVD turn black and white on a blue ray player?