DVD RW Drive on my computer not reading SOME CD's?

Answer look at those unreadable CDs they might be dirty or scatched. do not put in water, this is stupid and you will loose them for good. wipe from center to edge with cloth like the one for eyeglasses

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Flash drive problem: My computer will not read my flash drive when I plug it in the front of the computer.?

Check in CMOS that all usb ports are enabled. If so, it could drivers or a bad connection on the front ports.Cheers :-)

Flash drive not reading?

USB drives are prone to going bad. I lost all my documents on mine and had to replace it. There are some free softwares you can download to retrieve the lost documents. They didn't work for me t... Read More »

Will it slow my computer down if I compress drive to save disk space under C drive properties?

no, if anything it should help your computer, sorting files making them more compact allowing more space when you de-frag, it depends how big your hard drive is and how fast your computer is. one t... Read More »

My cd/dvd drive doesn't work n my computer can i install my logitec software disc on a usb drive?

Yes just copy all the files over and open the .exe or setup file