DTV converter box hook to VCR problem. help?

Answer How are you selecting the channel you want to watch? You can't select the channel with the VCR when you're using a converter box. You select the channel with the converter box. Set the VCR to ch... Read More »

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How to Hook Up an RCA Digital Converter Box?

The RCA digital converter box processes over-the-air digital television signals into analog signals for viewing on older TV sets following the conversion to all-digital broadcasting. The box connec... Read More »

How do I hook up a cable converter box?

Install a Cable Converter BoxUnplug the TV. Locate the connection labeled "Antenna In (RF)" at the back of the TV, unplug the coaxial antenna cable from that connection and plug it into the connect... Read More »

How to Hook up a DTV Converter With a VCR?

Since the United States transitioned to digital-only over-the-air (OTA) television broadcasts in June 2009, a digital-to-analog converter box is required for analog TVs to receive these signals. Th... Read More »

How to Hook Up an RCA Converter to Stereo Speakers?

Several different types of RCA converters are available. The type you need depends on to what device you need to connect your stereo speakers. If you are connecting a radio or player that uses a st... Read More »