DTV Transition Commercials?

Answer Good Question!Actually, they are Public Service Announcements which means the local station is donating time it could have sold to advertisers. So, the cost is coming out of the TV stations' pocke... Read More »

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Don't you think they should have Got Fruit commercials instead of Got Milk commercials?

Arn't the Florida Orange Juice commercials bad enough :-) I get your point though.

Differences Between Transition Metals & Inner Transition Metals?

Transition metals and inner transition metals appear to be similar in the way they are categorized on the periodic table, but they have significant differences in their atomic structure and chemica... Read More »

Why are tv commercials so loud?

Actually, the person at the individual television station who copies the commercial and puts it into the media player is supposed to reset the audio levels according to that stations levels. But i... Read More »

Who invented TV commercials?

Bulova produced the first TV commercial in 1941. The 20-second spot was "a simple picture of a clock and a map of the United States, with a voiceover proclaiming, 'America runs on Bulova time,' " a... Read More »