DSLR camera: Should I buy new or used?

Answer That camera will do what you want, although for shooting landscapes you will eventually want to buy the 11-18 mm wide angle zoom lensUnless you are very experienced both using SLR/DSLR cameras and ... Read More »

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Buying a used DSLR camera...?

Amy, there's lots to think about before you buy any used camera gear, especially a dslr.First I would buy anything used but that's beside the point. I also wouldn't buy anything over 1-year old.Yo... Read More »

Can minolta x700 lenses be used on any modern dslr camera?

Without an adapter, no. With an adapter, yes.Your Minolta X-700 uses the older bayonet lens mount named the "SR" mount. When Minolta introduced the world's first full-featured auto focus 35mm film ... Read More »

Should I get a macbook air or DSLR camera?

Dont exclude other options - such as a racing bike or a lawn mower.

Where should I buy a DSLR camera?

Check out the ones they have at a local camera store, then price them online. Try,, and always get a replacement plan just in case something happends.