DSLR Upgrade Options?

Answer You should buy a new lens instead of a new body. The D3000 is inexpensive and you're not going to find anything better for around $250. Keep the 3000.Tell us what you like to shoot and we can recom... Read More »

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Is there a camcorder or dslr with external mic options?

The Sony UWP-V1 Wireless Lavalier is a good wireless audio system.The clip-on mic connects using a thin wire to the battery-powered body pack.The body pack send the audio wirelessly to the battery ... Read More »

Ultra budget computer system with good upgrade options. is everything compatible with each other?

Well sense your CPU is la1155 you can put any la1155 CPU in it. Nvidia is the way to go for gaming, on your budget you could probobly afford a nvidia 9800 gt. Your case will be propritary but a 2... Read More »

What is the best DSLR and WHY Can you pls tell me some of the specifications in comparisson to other DSLR.?

Check first the other person opinion or suggestion then decide for yourself.GOOD LUCK.

Would it be better to buy an iMac and a dslr or just a high end dslr?

"I'm quite new to dslr cameras". "the camera to film for y youtube channel"Don't overkill with a full frame camera. You will not be using camera all the time but your 27" iMac will make you happy m... Read More »