DSL att modem disconnects when using certain sites?

Answer Bad router or connection, or you are being DDoS'd, or you have a program or firewall that is blocking your connection whenever you enter a blacklisted website.

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My WD My Passport 500gb external hard drive disconnects itself when using some processes?

you may have possible damaged your drive when in got dropped. get this program directly from Western Digital:…Get the latest version of Data lifeguard dia... Read More »

Wave broadband motorola modem frequent disconnects?

The problem is irrelevant considering the modem is a rental. If it's dropping the connection, call the provider!

Stuck pixel only when using certain applications?

Sounds like the LED is in the process of failing and will fail entirely somewhere in the future.It's kind of odd, haven't heard of this particular problem before. Usually it's either dead/stuck no ... Read More »

Malware on Computer, Can't Get to Certain Sites?

Clean your Temp folder first.Download Process Explorer from sysinternals: downloaded, right-click and rename the file to explorer.exe then double click t... Read More »