Answer Realistically the only thing that could have been damaged would be the hard drive. Although if you don't see any problems within the next few days and run a check or two on it - you got lucky and ... Read More »


Is this netbook any good for the kids to do homework on ect,its a Acer Aspire One A150-Ab Netbook?

Netbooks are limited and there is no expansion plans for them.If you can get a notebook for the same kind of £, i'd rather go for that.Laptop specifications change often so it is good to get non-v... Read More »

Is the HP Mini 311 the best netbook on the market If not, which netbook is better?

No. Remember, you can't multi-task on a netbook because of it's smaller & slower processor, it will freeze on you. Can't play games & has no DVD player.Just remember these: The 1st thing you should... Read More »

How s a netbook different from a laptop.wat r all absent in a netbook?

Netbooks are cheaper, less powerful and smaller than laptops. They tend to have slower processors, lower memory, lower graphics displays, less overall disk space, no cd/dvd drive and less battery p... Read More »

I dropped my camera...Please help!?

Most likely dropping a camera 7 inches isn't going to affect but if it does you would usually notice it right away. Things that are usually damaged when a camera is dropped are the LCD screen, lens... Read More »