DO I have a deficiency?

Answer Maybe you're not eating enough fats? Because chocolate and cheese are both high in fats - maybe it's your body trying to tell you something.

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I have a vitamin d deficiency will i die?

I don't believe people die of vitD deficiency, but the body functioning properly is a self healing unit & will degenerate without needed nutrients especially vitD.I would recommend a low carb, high... Read More »

My cholestral is a littel high and I have a vitamin d deficiency?

Get some exercise, even just going for a walk, to burn off the excess cholesterol. It will also help to lose weight. Drink more milk, or juice fortified with vitamin d

Can you help me out, my doctor says that I have a protein deficiency?

I am so glad I am married to you! Be ready when I get home *edit I see that now *BIG GRIN*

I had Gastric Bypass surgery last February 2009. Since then, I have had Iron Deficiency Anemia and Low Platele?

yes. it 's because now your intestional tract is not as long. we seem to absorb nutrients there too. i had the roux en y done in 2007. i've lost 70 lbs. went from suze 24/26 in plus sizw to 1... Read More »