DJ Mixing Tips & Tricks?

Answer Disc Jockeys (DJs) are crucial to dance parties and clubs. In order to get the crowd dancing, the music has to sound good and the music has to flow continually with no breaks in between tracks. Mix... Read More »

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Sound Mixing Tips for Live Audio?

You're in the club and the band is amazing. All eyes should be on them. However, the high-pitched feedback that just came from the speakers has the whole place looking at the sound engineer. Mixing... Read More »

Tips on Mixing Nail Polish Colors Together?

You can breathe new life into shades you're bored with by blending them together -- almost everyone has a few bottles of nail enamel waiting to be used up. Mixing your own custom shades of nail var... Read More »

Tips for Mixing Auto Body Paints?

Auto body paint consists of pigment, binder and solvent. Car paint also comes in two forms: enamel and lacquer. For the do-it-yourselfer and/or the car enthusiast, doing your own auto body paint jo... Read More »

Tips for Mixing & Recording Guitars, Bass, Vocals, & Drums?

The process of recording musical instruments and voices has gone through many changes since the days of the "one microphone in a room" method. Today's recording technologies have become so advanced... Read More »