DIY Windshield Repair?

Answer Windshields are one of the most exposed parts of a car, and as a result, most likely to be damaged while on the road. All it takes is one truck to kick up a well-placed rock, and the windshield wil... Read More »

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How to Repair a Windshield?

Unfortunately, damage to a windshield is a very common occurrence. The usual suspect is a rock or pebble that is kicked up by another car on the highway, but there can be many culprits. Damage to y... Read More »

Windshield Repair Information?

At one end of the safety spectrum, a chipped or cracked windshield can be an annoyance. At the other end, a cracked windshield can be a serious safety issue. How your windshield should be repaired ... Read More »

How to Repair or Fix a Windshield Scratch?

Some of the most common causes of windshield scratches include flying debris, falling tree branches and worn-out windshield wipers. Driving with a scratched windshield can be frustrating, because t... Read More »

How to Repair Windshield Channels?

Windshield channels are the seals on the windshield frame that lie underneath the windshield glass. Over time, these seals may fail due to the sheet metal stretching and twisting. Once the seams an... Read More »