DIY Upside Down Tomato Garden?

Answer Growing tomatoes from a hanging pot is the latest craze in zero-space gardening. As long as you have a place to hang a pot, you can grow luscious tomatoes on your own patio or balcony. The kits are... Read More »

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How do I use an upside-down tomato planter?

Preparing the Upside-Down PlanterPlace a coffee filter or screen that came with the planter over the hole in the bottom of the planter to keep soil from falling out while allowing for drainage. Thr... Read More »

How do I make upside down tomato plants?

PreparationDrill a 3 inch hole into a five gallon bucket that has a metal handle. Find a sturdy place to hang the bucket up, off the ground.PlantingThread a tomato plant through the hole with the ... Read More »

How to Make an Upside Down Tomato Planter?

Have you seen those expensive upside down tomato planters in catalogs? Don't be a fool and buy one, they get terrible reviews. Make your own. Tomatoes are vines, so they don't seem to be confused b... Read More »

How do I grow a tomato plant upside down in a hanging bucket?

Drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket that's large enough to insert the plant. Turn the bucket right-side up. Place a circular piece of window screen at the base of the bucket. Fill the bucket w... Read More »