DIY: Unbalanced to Balanced Ford?

Answer Other than the largest of their big-blocks, Ford's engines tend to be fairly high-revving in nature. The company has produced nearly as many different engines as they have had years in business; so... Read More »

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Can I use both balanced and unbalanced outputs of a digital-to-analog converter at the same time?

There may be some DAC's that do not allow it but because both are line level outputs there is no reason not to have both driven at the same time. So in theory you should be able to connect a singl... Read More »

What is an unbalanced construction bid?

An unbalanced construction bid refers to a situation where the bidder puts a high price on certain items and a low price on other items during contract bidding. This sometimes happens when bidders ... Read More »

The Symptoms of Unbalanced Tires?

Tires must be in balance to operate properly. This is why wheels are placed on a balancing machine and weights added to the rim before a tire is installed on a vehicle. This ensures that everything... Read More »

Why do people have an unbalanced diet?

Because not bothering to plan your meals is easier than doing it.