DIY Turbo Power?

Answer Nitrous oxide injector systems and enhanced turbochargers aim to increase the power of your car or motorcycle by improving the existing mechanism. Kit manufacturers claim you can increase the effic... Read More »

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How to Make More Power From 1.8T or Vr6 Turbo?

You can increase the power generated by your Volkswagen 1.8 liter turbo or turbocharged VR6 engine by adding aftermarket parts and modifying the car's exhaust system. As a turbocharged car, you can... Read More »

A Loss of Power on a Chevrolet Diesel 6.5 Turbo?

Diesel engines rely on compression of a mixture of air and fuel for ignition. Turbocharging makes diesel engines operate more efficiently. While turbochargers increase power and efficiency on a die... Read More »

Turbo Boost Problems: Loss of Power?

Turbochargers refer to gas compressors that increase air pressure entering an engine in order to increase engine power resulting in faster acceleration, or a boost of speed. Issues with turbo boost... Read More »

The Two Speed Power Glide Vs. the 350 Turbo Transmission?

GMs first "shiftless" automatic transmission, the Powerglide transmission, was introduced in 1950. Since that time, GM has expanded from the original two-speed transmission to three-speed automatic... Read More »