DIY: Trailer Drum Brakes?

Answer Trailer drum brakes aide in towing heavy loads that would otherwise overload your tow vehicle's braking system. They utilize a magnet that, when energized, pushes two brake shoes against a steel dr... Read More »

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How to Remove Drum Brakes on a Trailer?

Owning a trailer gives you added flexibility when you need something moved, but like any vehicle, trailers require regular maintenance. You may want to remove the brake assembly entirely so that yo... Read More »

How to Replace Trailer Drum Brakes?

The drum brakes on a trailer's wheels use brake shoes that are installed much like the brake shoes on most cars and trucks. The shoes drag against the brake drum when applied to halt movement. Repl... Read More »

How to Replace Drum Boat Trailer Brakes?

The drum brakes on the rear of the boat trailer are designed to stop the rear wheels from turning by applying friction to the inside of the brake drums. The drum brake assembly on the boat trailer ... Read More »

How to Install Trailer Brakes on a Twin Axle Boat Trailer?

The brakes on a boat trailer are made up of electric brake pads, brake drums, return springs, retainer springs, retainer clips, retainers and the brake shoe adjuster. The brakes work by applying fr... Read More »