DIY Thumbnails in Thesis Teasers?

Answer With the DIY Thesis theme for WordPress, your teasers can be entirely customized. Choose how many teasers you want shown on the homepage, if you want the post date or tags shown, and much more. Whi... Read More »

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How to State a Thesis in a Thesis Paper?

All successful research papers and essays begin with a powerful argument that is defended throughout the remainder of the document. This is called the thesis, and it is best stated in one sentence ... Read More »

Difference Between a Thesis and a Thesis Statement?

A thesis and a thesis statement are interconnected, but are different things. The word "thesis" often refers to a "thesis paper," an assignment that is given to students pursuing a master's degree ... Read More »

How to Make Thumbnails?

A thumbnail is a reduced size version of a full-size photograph, document or screenshot. The advantages of thumbnail pictures are that they take up less room on a website and consequently the serve... Read More »

How to Print Thumbnails?

Thumbnails are reduced versions of larger pictures. They get the name thumbnail because they are often nearly the size of a thumbprint or nail. They are commonly used to organize large albums of pi... Read More »