DIY Speed Sensor?

Answer The speed sensor within your vehicle is an important component. It monitors how fast the vehicle is traveling at any given moment. The sensor uses this information to control the speedometer. This ... Read More »

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Does the speed odometer speed sensor have anything to do with flooring car to get out of 1st gear?

AnswerNo the speen sensor has to do with telling how fast you go and some other stuff!!! Its really all in the transmission

What is a speed sensor?

A car's speed sensor monitors how fast your car is going. This sensor relays the information to your speedometer so you can gauge your speed, according to Car Parts Wholesale.HistorySpeed sensors a... Read More »

What Does a Speed Sensor Do on a Car?

A car's speed sensor, also known as a vehicle speed sensor (VSS), detects the speed of the car and is used by different systems in the car. It sends information to the Variable Assist Power Steerin... Read More »

What Happens When a Speed Sensor Goes Bad?

There are certain symptoms that will indicate a failing VSS sensor. These issues will cause major problems with the driveability of your vehicle, as the vehicle speed sensor is used by many of your... Read More »