DIY Speaker Cabinet Finishing?

Answer If you've built speaker cabinets out of wood, before you wire them to the stereo system you'll have to finish them the cabinets. This is not a difficult project and does not require a lot of carpen... Read More »

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Mounting speaker in cabinet?

One option is to cut out a square around the hole then glue in a new piece well braced and glued. Then you just do it over, get the measurement right and cut the hole again. I did that once or tw... Read More »

DIY Leslie Speaker Cabinet?

Leslie speakers have long been popular among musicians. The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd are just some of the famous names known to use them. If you want to get the classi... Read More »

Can I use an 8ohm bass cabinet as an extra speaker for a 4ohm fender twin amp?

Any 8 ohm cabinet, including one designed for bass, can be used with the 4 ohm Fender Twin amp. You can plug it into the main extension speaker jack located on the back of the Fender Twin. You must... Read More »

Medicine cabinet or beveled mirror and storage cabinet above sink?

Find the right hardware perfect for you. To do that I just found a website that may help you with that. Worth a look.