DIY: Solenoid Relay Replacement?

Answer If your car or truck will not start and the battery tests positive, you may have a problem with your starter's solenoid. Your starter's solenoid is sparked by your car's battery, which in turn, eng... Read More »

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What Are the Functions of a Starter Solenoid Relay?

Automobiles utilize a starter motor to start the engine. The main components are the starter switch, the solenoid and the starter motor. Some cars also have a starter solenoid relay.

How to Locate the Fuel Shutdown Solenoid Relay on a '96 Dodge Diesel?

The fuel-shutdown solenoid on the 1996 Dodge diesel pickup trucks works similar to the fuel pump. When a driver turns the ignition off under normal circumstances, the solenoid stops sending fuel to... Read More »

Trion G-200 Humidifier Solenoid Replacement?

The Trion G-200 humidifier attaches to the supply duct of your home furnace and uses evaporated water to release humidity into your home. Because the G-200 has no standing water inside, maintenance... Read More »

What Is an EGR Solenoid?

An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid is part of a motor vehicle which regulates when engine vacuums should or should not turn on by controlling how much the EGR valve opens. It ensures the e... Read More »