DIY Smoked Headlights?

Answer "Smoked" headlights use a window tint to cover the inside of the headlight cover to make it darker. Only non-sealed headlights can be smoked; sealed headlights are just a glass fixture with the lig... Read More »

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Are smoked headlights legal in pennsylvania?

According to Pennsylvania vehicle code, smoked headlights are illegal. The headlights must be clear of any obstructions or filters which would dim or change the light. This law ensures the headligh... Read More »

I smoked about 1.1 grams of weed over a 9 day period. I haven't smoked in 5 days. Am I good to pass a UA test?

No absolutely not. Don't listen to anyone who says you can dilute or drink cranberry juice, it will stay in your system, period. Just stop smoking, it's not worth the trouble? I've figured out..

I smoked 2 months ago and it was mid grade will i pass a hair test if i barely smoked a few hits other than t?

Are motorcycle headlights the same as car headlights?

Motorcycle headlights are not as powerful as automobile headlights. They are dimmer and produce little output. Riders can alter motorcycles for additional or stronger road illumination through cust... Read More »