DIY Shock Replacement?

Answer You can replace the shock absorbers on your vehicle yourself. Only basic automotive tools are needed to replace shocks, probably tools you already own. Shocks are mounted on almost anything with wh... Read More »

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About Shock Replacement?

Along with tires, oil and brakes, a car's shocks will need to be replaced regularly throughout the car's life. The shocks are part of the automobile's suspension system. The shocks are a vital comp... Read More »

Shock Replacement Instructions?

Replacing your vehicle's shock absorbers is a very tough task that only experts should handle. On most smaller cars, you can only change the shocks yourself on the rear wheels, and they are contain... Read More »

How to Choose Replacement Car Shock Absorbers?

The first recorded shock absorber on a vehicle was introduced in 1906, after William Brush rolled his brother Alanson Brush's car over due to a rut on the road. Alanson set out to make a better car... Read More »

Proflex Shock Replacement Options?

Shock absorbers and Macpherson struts are among the most important features of a vehicle's design. Shock absorbers help to buffer the differences in road surface as a vehicle is driving, so less vi... Read More »